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Originally created for oral health professionals such as dentists, oral medicine specialists and dental hygienists, to facilitates the examination of the oral cavity, the Odontoscope can be used by any user (above 18 years old) following the instructions of use detailed in this notice as well as presented in a video online.

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The Odontoscope is a medical device that facilitates the examination of the oral cavity. The Odontoscope combines a large mirror with a lip and cheek retractor, thus optimizing the complete observation of the dental arches. The Odontoscope is composed of a thermoplastic elastomer, providing soft elasticity for a secured functionality when placed in the mouth. The flexible characteristics of the Odontoscope allow it to adapt to the width of the mouth opening. The user should hold both handles (mirror and retractor) of the Odontoscope to keep the mouth at the optimum opening for intraoral examination. The Odontoscope is currently supplied in one size.

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Poids 5 kg
Dimensions 12 × 13 × 14 cm


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